Would You Like To Go

“Love the record – just love the record.”
     — Bob Irwin, Sundazed

“I started listening but I was too tired and cranky from arguing with boys. So I’m gonna listen again tonight.”
     — DJ Keili, WFMU

“Fantastic. You found a whole new angle on Boettcher’s songs, uncovering an intimacy I never noticed. You’re not imbuing the songs with the ego of a singer; it’s more like you’re connecting to the original spark that was there when they were written. Only another songwriter could have done this, so your perspective proves invaluable. I especially love hearing the often clever lyrics delivered so directly, as I never really noticed them before. Coming from a female perspective, they feel more comfortable, as Curt’s own vocal approach was distinctly gender-free. Your obvious love of the material allows you to manhandle (womanhandle!) it with confidence, and in almost every instance you have taken complete ownership of these tunes. Without sacrificing any of his trademark gentleness, these versions have deeper attitude, humor, focus, humanity. Effortlessly personal. You nailed it. He’d be tickled pink if he could hear this.”
     — Lane Steinberg