Hear “The Island”

April 23, 2013

From Beth’s new album, Would You Like To Go: A Curt Boettcher Songbook, here is “The Island,” composed by Curt, streaming on Soundcloud. Boettcher recorded the composition twice: in 1967 with the Ballroom, and in 1968 with the Millennium.

[posted by Irwin Chusid]

Beth’s new album, Would You Like To Go—her first official solo album—was released today on Basta! It is available outside North America at Basta’s website. We are looking for a U.S. label to release it stateside and in Canada. The album presents an idiosyncratic tribute to sunshine-pop avatar Curt Boettcher. The album was produced by Beth’s old friend, Sean Slade. The album cover illustration is by Margaret Meyer.

Would You Like To Go

[posted by Irwin Chusid]